Synonyms and related words:
Atticism, appropriateness, artlessness, austerity, baldness, bareness, bluffness, bluntness, broadness, brusqueness, candidness, candor, chasteness, chastity, childlikeness, clarity, classicalism, classicism, clear-cutness, clearness, coherence, comeliness, common speech, connectedness, consistency, correctness, crystallinity, definition, dignity, discrimination, distinction, distinctness, ease, elegance, elegancy, explicitness, felicitousness, felicity, finish, fittingness, flatness, flow, flowing periods, fluency, forthrightness, frankness, freedom, freeness, genuineness, good taste, grace, gracefulness, gracility, guilelessness, homespun, horizontalness, household words, inartificiality, ingenuousness, innocence, leanness, limpidity, lineality, linearity, lucidity, matter-of-factness, naiveness, naivete, naivety, naturalness, neatness, openheartedness, openness, outspokenness, pellucidity, perspicuity, plain English, plain dealing, plain speaking, plain speech, plain style, plain words, plainness, plainspokenness, polish, propriety, prosaicness, prosiness, purity, rectilinearity, refinement, restrainedness, restraint, roundness, rustic style, seemliness, severity, simpleheartedness, simplemindedness, simpleness, simplicity, sincerity, single-heartedness, single-mindedness, singleness of heart, smoothness, soberness, spareness, starkness, straightforwardness, straightness, structure, taste, tastefulness, terseness, transparency, transpicuity, trustfulness, unadorned style, unadornedness, unaffectedness, unambiguousness, unassumingness, unconstraint, unequivocalness, unguardedness, unimaginativeness, unmistakableness, unpoeticalness, unpretentiousness, unreserve, unrestraint, unsophisticatedness, unsophistication, unsuspiciousness, unswervingness, unwariness, vernacular, verticalness

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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